Brave TECH
Make an Impact with Your Data
We help you transform Your data from a scattered chaos to
actionable insights using data science and business intelligence.
The Challenge of the Data Driven World
You collect overwhelming amounts of data in various departments but there's no single source of truth. You're using lots of SaaS tools for marketing and operations but an overarching view alongside predictive and prescriptive intelligence are missing.

We simplify Your analytics setup by integrating all Your data sources and emphasising the most important facts. We make data impactful to your organization using the latest machine learning and data analytics tools.
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Our Expertise
Centralize Your Customer Journey Data
Gather all of Your customer touch-points into a central data warehouse to form the basis of Your key metrics such as life-time value, churn and conversion.
How to unify my customer data?
Find Structure in Unstructured Text
We implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools to get better answers from Your text data, understand Your reviews, organise Your documents by topics or identify entities and their relationships
How to analyse my texts?
Automate Your Business Intelligence
By combining cloud services with modern BI tools you get an interactive, easy-to-use automatically updated interface into the most crucial insights of Your organization.
What's the best BI setup for me?
Our Clients
How it works
Data Strategy Meeting
Here we evaluate Your analytics set-up in the context of Your business goals to find the most advanced set of technologies.

Project Proposal
We make a suggestion on what unused potential could give you the quickest business benefit.
Implement and Integrate
After delivering the data solution we provide support for integrating it into Your daily business.
Who is Brave TECH?
Edgar Rootalu
Analytics Engineer & Data Consultant
Edgar founded Brave TECH as part of a mission to promote the maximum diffusion of fact-based knowledge in the society through the wise use of large data sets.

Over the past 5 years he's helped several venture-backed startups as well as multi-brand enterprises to shift into a more data-driven culture.

Edgar also taps into his network of other analytics experts and software engineers such that there hasn't been a data situation to which they couldn't find a thriving solution.
Don't Waste Your Valuable Data
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